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About Us

About us

About Us

Deluxe Trading team is established to provide both product and services outsourcing. All of our team members have more than 8 years’ experience the industry hoping to bring better purchasing experience to our customers. Keeping the growth and progress with professional and rigorous attitude.

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The Services We Provide Are

This is the LED Screen Supplier

Provide Indoor & outdoor LED screens, LED or, LED modules, creative LED screens. We have our own Import & Export licence, has factory and long-term cooperation manufacturer partners. Could provide goods to customers precisely.

Local Buyer Agent

As a local buying agent, main products are LED screen an control system device etc.We are located in Shenzhen China, which is the central of LED display’s upstream products. There is information gap between foreign buyers and domestic manufacturers, especially during the C-19 epidemic period, it is difficult for foreign customers to visit China frequently. We can act as a bridge between the middle, to solve the pain point of buyers and factories.

Goods Inspection

Factory inspection, quality control, goods inspection.According to customer requirements, objective and fair to execute task. Provide professional inspection report. Photo, video, live goods inspection service optional. NDA le is agree to sign if necessary.