Deluxe Trading

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General Trading of Deluxe Group can provide wide range of products related to any hardware, building materials, electrical items, power tools and LED Screens. We are working with network of trusted suppliers across the globe with proven quality, cost effectiveness and timely delivery.


Deluxe Team Is Established for both Products and Services sourcing. Our Team Members have more than 8 Years proven experience in the industry.

LED Screen Supplier

Provides Indoor & outdoor LED screens, TV screens, LED modules, creative LED screens.

Local Buyer Agent

As a Local Sourcing Agent, main productions are Construction Building Materials, Power Tools, Electrical related items and LED Screen with control systems. We provide according to your needs and demands.

Goods Inspection

According to customer requirements, objective and fair to execute a task. Provide professional inspection report.

Clients Testimonials

Jorge Duque Customer

Extremely satisfied with their customer service, willing to assist in product search, knowledgeable in the safety items, and very important for us that pricing is very competitive.

Shams W.Pawel Customer

I appreciate the services by Deluxe. The team of experts never disappoint us. The services by Deluxe Support, made me happy client. The products are latest and long lasting.

Ajay Jaiswal Customer

I have been associated with Deluxe Trading from the beginning. Their Products and quality are unbeatable. I would consider only and only Deluxe Trading for my business.